Public Safety Committee
Bob Zion, Chair

It's important to report all crimes to the police. If it's convenient, you can use this form, a printable Word doc. The form is based on information the police request, and is based on forms given us by Community Policing officers.

If you don't have the program Word, you can print this page.

Safeguard Your Auto: NYPD Auto Theft Group leaflet in pdf format.

NYPD 120th Precinct web site with contact information

last Wednesday of each month
Doors open at 6:30 pm
Meetings start at 7:00 pm

April 27, 2016
Central Family Life Center
59 Wright Street

May 25, 2016
160 Park Hill Avenue
Recreation Room

June 22, 2016
120 Precinct
78 Richmond terrace

Community Council Meetings
The 120th Precinct Community Council is a group formed in conjunction with the police to allow citizens to report crimes of any kind that are occurring in their neighborhood. The Council also hosts various events for families during the holidays.

NYPD Community Council meeting reports
by Bob Zion

The april meeting of the 120th Precinct Community Council was held at the Mount Sinai Center for Community Enrichment.

Major crime has continued to decrease, while auto break-ins and electronic thefts cntinue at a high rate, though they could be reduced by more than half if people were more alert and careful.

There have been a series of robberies by pairs of men posing as Con Edison electrical workers claiming that sandys effects are still being felt. they are dressed like workers with brigh vests and hard hats. People were reminded to check IDs and not admit anyone without proper documentation, and to be on guard for impostors.

Two future meeting dates were announced: see regular listing above.


On Tuesday, March 19th, the 120th Precinct Community Couincil held its monthly meeting at the United Artists movie theater on Forest Avenue.

A main purpose of the meeting was to introduce the incoming commander of the new 121st Precinct, Deputy Inspector Terry Hudson.

In about two months the 120th Precinct will be divided into two approximately equal parts, with the present 120th Precinct extending from the Verrazano Bridge to Jewett Avenue; the new 121st Precinct will extend from the Verrazano to just beyond the Staten Island Mall.

There will be no significant reduction in force at the reconfigured 120th Precinct, which will have a few fewer officers but hopes to improve response time when crimes are reported.

Overall, major crimes continue to decline, with a continuing increase of smaller crimes involving mobile phones and other portable electronic devices.

The NYPD recommends that people install a Find My Phone app on their phone or other device in order to assist recovery when these items are stolen.

The NYPD also recommends that on automobile GPS devices, you do not program your home addres.

Next meeting on April 30th
Mount Sinal Center for Community Enrichment
382 Jersey Street: click for map


On Tuesday, February 26th, the 120th Precinct Community Council met at the West Brighton Community Center. Attendance was low, due mostly to weather and parking issues.

It was noted that major crime continues at record low levels, but this good news is tempered gy the continued high rate of car break-ins and thefts of mobile phones and other electronic devices.

More than half of car break-ins and electronics theft can be prevented by owners making sure cars are locked and devices out of sight or secured.

Next meeting: March 19th
United Artists movie theatre
2474 Forest Avenue

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